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  • Dental Product Information

  • Full implant solutions for all indications.

    We work with a specialized team, with years of experience in the design and manufacturing of dental implants. We offer diverse and the most popular implant systems.

  • Zenostar

    Zenostar is a 100% full-milled, pure Zirconia restoration...with no porcelain overlay...no porcelain fractures!
    • Less than half the price of a gold crown
    • Aesthetic alternative to gold restoration and PFM
    • 1200 MPa flexural strength
    • Conventional chamfer prep and cementation
    • Excellent marginal fit
    • Indications: posterior crowns and bridges and works
       well with limited occlusal clearance

  • Duraflex™

    Duraflex Partial Denture delivers patient satisfaction!
    • Natural looking-virtually disappears in the mouth
    • Easy to adjust, even easier to polish and it's repairable
    • Won't absorb moisture: stain and odor resistant
    • Reliable-virtually unbreakable
    • Comfortable thermoplastic material-lightweightand flexible

  • Calypso™

    The New Generation All-Ceramic Restorations are supported by a high strength zirconia framework and given the translucency nature of zirconia, all restorations closely mimic the appearance of natural dentition. The Calypso Zirconia framework is available in 8 vita classic core shades to optimize color and clarity. Zirconia, at 1200 MPa flexural strength, is better able to resist crack propagation and with two overlays of porcelain, the restorations have life-like aesthetics. Indications are anterior, posterior and up to 6-unit bridges.

  • 3M™ ESPE™ Lava™

    3M ESPE Lava Crown and Bridges are a part of the Lava Precision Solutions System for anterior and posterior crowns and bridges up to 48mm in length. Lava™ Crowns and Bridges delivers: precision CAD/CAM system for outstanding marginal fit, proven high-strength performance-1440 MPa, natural translucency and patented shading system available in 8 shades producing unmatched aesthetics. Lava restorations may be cemented with traditional or self-adhesive resin cement and prep requires shoulder or chamfer to allow precise margin detection. Approved indications are: single crowns; 3- and 4-unit bridges with multiple abutments; 5- and 6-unit bridges; Splinted crowns (up to 6 units); Cantilever bridges (up to 4 units); custom implant abutments.

  • Metal Cast Partials

    Metal Cast Partials represent an excellent practical and affordable prosthetic choice available for your patients. Even though cast metal partials are made of stronger materials, they are less bulky. They fit better and last longer, providing years of comfort for your patient. When appropriate, their use should be considered as a viable treatment option. We offer a wide variety of removable prosthetics featuring:

    • Non-Allergenic (nickel and beryllium free)
    • Unsurpassed memory
    • Ease of adjustment
    • Beautiful polishability
    • Using Ivoclar Vivadent Premium BlueLine Teeth
  • Dentures

    It is clear that there still is a tremendous need for removable appliances today. In the United States alone, it is estimated that there will be approximately 38 million edentulous elderly adults by the year 2020 compared with only 33.6 million in 1991; the aging of the "baby boom" population largely accounts for the increase. While the basic process of making dentures has changed little over the past several decades, new materials and techniques provide functional, esthetic restorations that offer exceptional value to patients. Implant treatment is a tremendous adjunct to removable prosthodontics in the treatment of edentulous patients, but it is not within the financial reach of all dental patients. Assured Dental Laboratory possesses the knowledge and trained technicians to deliver complete dentures that mimic the color and characterization of natural gums. All dentures come in a variety of shades with Ivoclar Vivadent Premium BlueLine teeth.

  • Ceramage®

    Achieve PURE esthetic results with Ceramage, a Zirconium Silicate integrated indirect restorative with positive 5-year clinical studies. A PFS (progressive fine structure) filling of more than 73% plus an organic polymer matrix delivers superior flexural strength and unsurpassed polishability. Ceramage® provides superior wear characteristics; simulating the wear and translucency of natural dentition, excellent for implants, inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges. Ceramage allows for conventional cementation and is extraordinarily biocompatible.

  • IPS e.max

    IPS e.max comprises highly esthetic and high strength materials for both the press and the cadcam techniques. Recommend for single units & up to 4-unit bridges conventional preparation and cementation. With e.max you can choose the framework material. Either glass ceramic or zirconium oxide the new material generation is based on nano-fluorapatite and endows the restorations with utmost individual appearance and true to nature properties.

  • IPS Empress Esthetic

    IPS Empress Esthetic raises the bar for pressable ceramics. For over 15 years Empress still sets the standard for all ceramic esthetics. Offering:

    • » True to nature esthetics
    • » Homogeneous leucite crystal distribution allowing for higher flexural strength
    • » Improved optical properties
    • » Optimized color and clarity
    • » 11 Ingot shades extending shades in bleach range